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What is an ISO 17025 Accreditation?

ISO 17025 is the standard for testing and calibration laboratories to meet when implementing and maintaining a quality system.  By operating at ISO 17025 standards, our lab partners improve their ability to consistently produce valid, accurate results for our customers and our community.  

Verde Testing is proud to partner exclusively with ISO 17025 Accredited lab partners. 

How do you obtain an ISO 17025 Accreditation?

In order to obtain ISO17025 accreditation, you must go through a 3rd party accreditation service.  Our lab partner chose to use A2LA.  The first step in the process is to provide documentation of a quality system including General Requirements, Structural Requirements, Resource Requirements, Process Requirements, and Management System Requirements.


General Requirements and Structural Requirements are related to the organization of the laboratory itself. Structure Requirements cite those issues related to the people, plant, and other organizations used by the laboratory to produce its technically valid results. Process Requirements are the heart of the standard, describing the activities to ensure that results are based on accepted science and aimed at technical validity. Management System Requirements are those steps taken by the organization to give itself quality management system tools to support the work of its people in the production of technically valid results. 

After the quality systems have been documented and submitted,  A2LA performs a 3 day, on-site audit of the system and testing processes to ensure the consistency and validity of the test results, processes and procedures.

Next, a panel of 3 additional auditors review the findings from the on site audit and perform a complete review of all quality system documentation. 


Finally, a panel of auditors vote to grant the ISO 17025 accreditation based on the findings and documentation provided.  Once obtained, we are required to perform regular internal audits and bi annual on-site A2LA audits to maintain accreditation.  

Why does ISO 17025 Accreditation matter to you?

In most countries, ISO 17025 is the gold standard for which labs must hold accreditation in order to be deemed technically competent.  By partnering with Verde Testing, you can feel confident that your samples will be tested by a lab operating at the highest level of quality standards for our industry, giving you accurate and valid results on time, every time. 

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